Birthday Party – Little Red Riding Hood

When my little girl became 3 years old, I created a Little Red Riding Hood B-Day party. The party had, off course, a sweet table with different sweets for the guests.



I wanted to do a party with this colour scheme for a while and when I found the cutest clip art on etsy, the choice was easily made. As my professional cake making days are over, I decided to go with a small homemade cake and order additional cakes at the bakery. The strawberry pie fitted the colours exactly and I could focus on making the candy: macarons, cookies, cupcakes, marshmellows and some chocolate dipped strawberries. The gift bags were inspired by the pumpkin gift bags I created at the halloween table some time ago.

DSC_9755 DSC_9729 DSC_9762 DSC_9765 DSC_9779 DSC_9786

Besides the sweets, the rest of the party was also in the same theme. The children all received red riding hood capes (girls) or a wolf (boys) and had to go on a treasure hunt in the garden. The treasure included the apples and cookies they had to put in their baskets for grand mother. Laure had a lot of fun and so did we 🙂




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