Cherry Sweet Table

At the end of the summer, a cherry themed Sweet Table would be perfect for an Indian Summer day 🙂 I was in Maison du Monde last week to buy some additional decoration for my daughter’s baby shower (pictures will follow soon on the website and on the blog) and I saw these adorable cherry themed cases.

I think they would be perfect to create height differences on your table without having to buy expensive stands or start being messy with paper and scissors. My imagination started to work with the vichy pattern and the cherry theme and I wanted to share these ideas here. I found a cute cherry sweet table on pinterest which can be easily spiced up a bit with cherry decoration. I think a fruit theme asks for some real cherries on the table, so use them on cupcakes, as a garland or add a basket of cherries on the table.

On one of the blogs I follow, I saw these Ice Cream cupcakes coming by. I made them for the babyshower in a lightly altered version but they would work lovely on a cherry themed table. Change the color of the cupcake liners to a green stripes or red vichy pattern and they will be fitting in just nicely.

Finally, if you’re looking for printables, we have a range of cherry themed printables available 🙂


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