Babyshower Jasmine


I got the request for this Sweet Table 2 weeks before the date of the babyshower. Usually I like a bit more preparation time but I loved the frog theme so much, that I didn’t hesitate to say yes. The frog theme was inspired by the babies thank you gifts, a Belgian tradition where we give candy or other gifts to all visitors who come by to see the baby (and usually bring gifts of their own). There was no cake on this table so I used a cupcake display as the centrepiece of the table. I learned to make these fondant frogs in school taking my chocolatier classes and was happy that I could use them once more on the table. They are so cute and yet so easy to make.

 frog6   frog4

Of course, I added some macarons to the table. Since I know how to make them, I add them to every table as it gives me the perfect excuse to make some extra ones for myself 🙂 And for those who wonder, the candy used under the macarons is Mimosa. To finish the table, I added more cupcakes, decorated frog cookies, green cakepops and various candy.



Apparently I was not the only the one who liked the frogs, as this Sweet Table was also featured on Amy Atlas’ blog:


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