Babyshower Simon

On the one day in 5 years it is 37°C in Belgium, I had to deliver a Sweet Table for a sweet baby boy. The birth card was turquoise and orange and had stars on it, so picking a thema and colour palette was not that difficult this time 🙂

As usual, the centerpiece of this table was a (4 tier) cake of vanilla sponge with baileys buttercream and a dark chocolate ganache finish.I had to store and transport the cake in 2 pieces as it was really heavy and I was afraid the shelf in my fridge wouldn’t hold the whole cake.

The table further contained jars of bubblegum, butternut, gummi candy, lollipops and meringue kisses. Next to that were some mini vanilla cupcakes with banana buttercream frosting, vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and chocolate covered marshmellows with a cute orange striped paper straw. I just love these straws so much, I am looking for an excuse to use them as much as possible 🙂


I also recently took a workshop at the first macaron shop in Amsterdam. They taught me (finally) how to make these delicious cookies and now I want to make them every day. I really love the moment when the little “feet” appear on the macarons, one moment they’re flat, the othe moment they are real macarons… These macarons were filled with raspberry cream, cappucino ganache and anis ganache. I couldn’t leave the home made marshmellows out either, as the colours can be chosen to match the colour palette of the table. In my search for decoration, I also found this cute star-shaped boxes and bags that I used as “thank you” gifts for the guests. To finish, I added some chocolate, iced cookies and cakepops.


I also made dark chocolate mousse and some cups with turquoise smarties to put on the side tables.



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