Pink/Lime Candy Buffet

The colour combination of hot pink and lime is always a nice one to use in cake decoration or, as it turned out, in assembling a candy buffet. Both colours are actually present in natural flavours and the combination of complementary colours is always nice eye candy.

The party-girl wanted to have the figures of Barbapapa on the cake but I decided not to use this as a theme and go for lime/pink polkadots instead.

The cake was vanilla sponge cake filled with raspberry buttercream and finished with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate ganache. For the rest of the table, I made some vanilla/raspberry marshmellows in bright pink and lime. Because I had some raspberry marshmellow left over, I decided to us it to make round, sugar covered marshmellows as well, as it works great with the polkadot theme.


For the cupcakes, I used vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream topping and white chocolate mousse. The cakepops are also made of vanilla cake and covered in white chocolate.


For this table, I also used macarons and meringue kisses for the first time. The macarons’ color was not as deep as I had aimed for, but the structure and taste were definitely ok.


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