Horse-themed Party

When I was asked to create a lime-turquoise horse themed Sweet Table, I immediately started to think about what I would have liked as a 12-year old who was also crazy about horses.

I started off with a 3-tier cake, decorated with a sculpted horse, horseshoes, ribbons and some jumping posts. The cake was vanilla sponge cake, filled with vanilla and strawberry meringue buttercream and finished with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate ganache.

Further on the table were some horseshoe cookies, cakepops covered with white chocolate, brownie cupcakes topped with dark chocolate mousse and coloured white chocolate mousse.



The buffet was supplemented with some home-made marshmellows (so easy to have the right colours, not so easy to find a flavour to match the blue – I just went with vanilla), jelly beans, smarties, puffed rice and lollipops.

For the decoration, I bought some empty competition ribbons and made a little sticker in the same theme als the printables to put in the middle.


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